The best nights on 160m are now in our backs

The best nights on 160m are now in our backs, it’s time to summarize my RX Challenge season.
I logged 36 unique NA callsigns (39 in previous season) and I ‘m proud to publish the listing with power indication; 8 stations running QRPp !!

Aug09-2014-> April-11-2015- NA listing - Call (pwr): K9PAW(1w), KJ4YBS(5w), K4RCG(10w), K9AN(2w), N2NOM(5w), KR9U(10w), W3PM(1w), N4OGW(5w), VA3MW(5w), AB4DF(5w), N3CO(5w), K8TLC(5w), W1FVB(0.5w), N9XG(10w), KC2STA(5w), K4MOG(5w), WU2M(2w), KD6RF(5w), KB1YFD(10w), K9YWO(1w), K3RWR(5w), KE2N(5w), N2XD(20w), W3CSW(5w), K3GEN(5w), WB5WPA(5w), K3KQV(0.1w), W3TIM(0.2w), N3ND(5w), W8QYT(5w), N4NZM(5w), WY1R(0.5w), KC1CJN(5w), N3IBX(5w), VE1RBR(5w), KC9NBV(1w).

A big thanks to NA stations running 160m wspr on a regular basis for years. Since winter 2011, I’m still excited when I wake-up to find one or two NA callsigns in my log and later to appreciate the greyline effect at sunrise.
Really no weariness on this point. The pleasure is enhanced when my EU friends are lucky in the same way. One regret no enough time to check the waterfall and to looking to faint traces.
I repeat it again, 160m WSPR is my only reason to love winter!

If you plan 160m antenna works please take care and good luck, see you around september on TB.
73, Patrick, "160m wspr enthusiast"