Starship Enterprise and noise levels

Coming home this evening from the shipyard I couldnt but notice the huge front end of what looked like the USS Enterprise in the guise of a massive Cumulo Nimbus cloud. With mulitple rainbow aura's up above the front of the "ship" it was an impressive and scary site as I hadnt taken down my fishing pole which the local CuNb tries to use as targetting weapons diguised as lightning bolts. It was pretty quiet for the past 4 days on LF, and 80m Eu sigs were received here, but last night the normal 20 over peaks were back making a hash of the decodes. I had about three Eu signal which just couldnt be coded with all that racket. 20m has been good today with an all day opening to New Mexico, and a spectacular his sunrise enhancement, and as I type this at Singapore dusk Eu is just coming in on my mobile mag mounted whip up in the targetting zone....phasors on stun.