wsprlinux V2.9 ready for download

this new version comes with the newest WSPR decoder by K9AN for K1JT's Weak Signal Propagation Reporter (WSPR) mode.
This decoder has the new -d option which makes a deeper search and gives more spots.
This option is activated in wsprlinux by default.

other news:

* extended timer: up to 5 timers to select band(s), separated for RX and TX and also TX interval.
* a couple of bug fixes
* optimized caching of data to reduce network load of's data and's pictures.

after installation of the new version: please check and correct all your settings because the configuration has been modified.

English Download link:

The K9AN decoder can be downloaded from above links as ready compiled binary package for PC or ARM linux.
The options are automatically set by wsprlinux depending on the speed and memory of your linux system.

If you are interested in more details about the decoder or the decoder's source code, see K9AN's github project here:

I have not done any modifications to the decoder, wsprlinux uses this original version.

vy 73, Kurt