the 500kc (630m) night

Oct 5th, 2015, 3..4:00 UTC:
many contacts on 630m over atlantic ocean.
Thanks so much to VE1HF, VE1VDM, W1TAG/1, WA3TTS/2, WE2XGR, WG2XJM, WG2XKA for spotting us.
I am using an inv-W antenna, which looks like an inverted Double-V. The balun is near the ground, then two vertical elements go into the trees (height 35m).
Then it goes down again to 3m. Total length of the antenna is 280m.
My neighbor (DH5RAE) uses a full size horizontal dipole in about 40m height, total length also 280m.
The wires are tuned to resonance with a RigExpert analyzer.
A ferrite ring transformer converts the resistance to about 50 ohms.

RX and TX are completely homemade and connected to an odroid-C1 (dh5rae: odroid-U3) running wsprlinux.
TX are DDS synthesizers using Analog Devices DDS.
RX are conventional superhets using two AD831 mixers and an SSB crystal filter from an old transciever.

DH5RAE also received WG2XKA, but our receivers are very noisy due to the local weather. I hope in winter we will hear you as good as you hear us.

73's DJ0ABR