Reunion Is to South Africa on 2m WSPR

Image icon Reunion to South Africa126.82 KB

Its really encouraging to see the likes of Phil FR5DN on Reunion Island trying to give 2m WSPR a run along the path to South Africa (and Australia ;) ). I see we have ZS5LEE and ZS5HV monitoring at the far end. I cant wait to one day see some lines on the map!

Phil FR5DN has made this path to South African stations numerous times before on 144 MHz SSB, JT65 etc. Here is a link to Phil's website with some data about the Tropo paths from Reunion

When the weather provides a path through, WSPR should provide a great system of automated beaconing to the web to alert people to the path openings, and maybe even detect some that were have been not so obvious in the past.

If we could get a few more stations in South Africa monitoring for Phil's signal that would be great :)