Raspberry pi revisited

Hi all
Just been trying to run wspr on a pi.... not new I know but perhaps worth revisiting to review latest progress. Read most of the blog posts (I think) and my personal conclusions are that the later versions of wspr have not been successfully built for the platform. The latest build I have read about is a headless version 4231. The main problem appears to be with Python/pil libs. Anyway my limited success has been with r2840 and r3015 which are reasonably stable on an over-clocked pi 2 running wheezy (thanks to g4fre, vk2ijc et al). The usb rig control is a bit flaky, but that may be a prob with usb drivers / prolific chipset etc. I also tried iq mode with Softrock but forgot that I required a stereo mic input on usb sound card, causing a crash. One useful and perhaps obvious 'trick' is to back up the sdcard image with each successful pi-wspr build so that when you get hopelessly confused about what tool versions you have installed, removed, re-installed etc.etc and nothing works, you can just flash back to happier days....
So would be interested to hear about any pi build successes of latest wspr releases, and how you did it.
Greg g4cui