new season record on 160m (NA/EU)

All time record activity(NA/EU) is 760 dx spots (Nov29/2013).
This first night of 2016 is close with 725 dx spots "across the pond" in the data base, 42 stations in the round.
12 NA stations heard in EU: AF7M, K9AN, K9PAW, K9YWO, KE7A, N0LUF, N2NOM, N0LWF, N2NOM, W3PM,W9MDO, WA3DSP, WB5WPA, WY1R
9 EU stations heard in NA: DF2IC, DF2JP, DF6MK, DK3SML, F6CNI, G0LUJ, G3UPA, ON7KO, PA0O
Best Rx stn: F59706(12NA), PA3FYM(10NA), KK1D(9EU), WY1R(6EU), F6ECI(6NA), G8LCO(6NA), F1AFJ(5NA).
The qrpp spot of the season: 2016-01-01 05:28 N0LWF 1.838137 -25 0 EN10wm 0.05 F59706 JN07th 7329 47
I added 3 new callsigns (AF7M, KE7A, N0LWF)to my season Challenge list of NA stations heard (new count=34).
2016 starts "off to wheel" !

Good luck all, 73