160 Rx Challenge NA/EU - mid season

We are now around mi-season on 160m. It's time to take stock of my RX Challenge between NA and EU (Jul15-2015/Jan12-2016)
Up to date i heard 38 unique callsign of NA station, 2 more than to the end of the previous season. What a great season ! my NA list is on my profile page, http://wsprnet.org/drupal/user/16564
I took time also to list all rx stations (133 NA+EU stations) to publish a high score list:

CALL (score): KK1D 48, F59706 38, G8DYK 29, K2OX 28, PA3FYM 23, G3ZJG 21, N2NOM 19, K9AN 17, G8LCO 16, PA0O 15, WY1R 15, DF2JP 13, G8HUH 13, ON7KO 13, F6CNI 12, G0KTN 12, VA3MW 12, W1FRA 12, G4BOO 11, PA0LSB 11

Pleasure on 160m is still the same,
GL to all