End of 160m season for Remco PA3FYM

"...'My season' ends after next weekend (13/14 Feb) because the land owner needs his property, where my Beverages are located, for horses..."
Remco (PA3FYM) has announced the end of its season on 160m. I think he has marked his first and short season(Nov24/2015 -Feb14/2016) by his participation in the activity "across the pond".
Over this period he has decoded 33 North American stations with beverages for the RX Challenge.
Regular stations on 160m wspr will immediately understand the quality of the score and the necessary technical investment. We speak of qrp and qrpp signals.
There is a real brotherhood between the dx players on 160m and we hope he finds a new place to install its antennas.
His return for next season is expected and needed.
GL my friend,