50 MHz Equinox

Just a reminder that the Equinox is coming up. Will be one of the better times to try get from EU to VK on 6m WSPR.
Im monitoring 6m WSPR every day (along with 10m and 2m), and always looking for EU paths in my afternoon/evening hours using a 6 element Optibeam yagi at about 80 ft up. So if stations in EU and surrounding areas can focus in this direction we can give it our best shot.
Of course I am also beaming USA most morning, but sometimes the wind means I'll need to keep it facing EU. But also in the USA direction I have a very close by large mountain to get signals over. This can sometimes work in my advantage by keeping local QRM down and just bring in sky waves.
Hopefully we can see more stations with yagis using them to monitor paths over 6m WSPR from EU & USA. And a little more power (than 5W) would be helpful for testing.