VK3XQ heard PE1DCD with 17 mW on 30 meter.

Sinds a week I am WhiSPeRing with a Raspberry Pi(B2) on 30 meter.
To clean up the signal I found a nice BandPassFilter at: http://yu1lm.qrpradio.com/HF-6m%20BP%20YU1LM%20ver2.pdf
The power after the BPF is 17 mW and that goes to a wireantenna of abt. 10 meter long.
The wire start at a window on my roof (abt. 7 meter) and goes to the back of my garden (abt. 3 meter).
At the feedpoint there is a sort of impedancetransformer.
There is no rocket science in this setup.
After 2 days I got reports from EA8/LA3JJ ( 3000 km).
And after 4 days I felt of my chair :

2016-03-20 06:36 PE1DCD 10.140271 -23 0 JO21hu 0.02 VK3XQ QF22qq 16568 78

It could be that the sun at this time is crossing the equator is the reason.

' 73 to all the WhiSPeRers and listeners,
Peter , PE1DCD