Anybody there on 6metres?

I have been WSPRing on 6m all morning. I didn't see any stations at all. I use a loft mounted halo, so not brilliant, but at least its omnidirectional.

I have just resurrected another laptop from retirement. I'm still assessing how good the clock is, but it has been ok for several hours. I can now run two stations, presently 6m and 30m, although 6m is off right now. In principle I would like to do some serious measurements at 6m, always a band that has fascinated me, but it does need some responses.

I can run 10W or 60W if needed - what's the point? I have been running 2W and would like to go down from that. I speculate that this should cover most of Europe, possibly also to the U.S. but would like to confirm that.