Raspberry Pi and WSPR

Currently I am running WSPR on a Raspberry Pi 1B and using the Tucson Amateur Packet Radio 20M WSPR Board. Output from the Board goes to an attenuator to reduce the output to approx. 50 milli watts.
The antenna it is connected to is a Small Dipole via a MFJ-971 QRP tuner. So far only been spotted by local station within 180 miles. The Setup at this stage is in a small cardboard box, and
thus is not at all permanent as yet. One problem yet to be sorted is the out put drifts aprrox 1 hertz during the transmit phase, I suspect is most likely a problem of Heat build up on the CPU board.

Test are still continuing and in time I'll put up a better antenna and build a better housing for the system and then un-leash it's full 100 milli watt output.