MEPT's with WSPR Ident

In addition to my MEPT on 10.140073MHz which has 8 Unit, QRSS, Hell and WSPR modulation and a Power Out of 37mW. I have been running a DDS controlled MEPT which can virtually go anywhere, 1.8 to 50MHz.

Currently this TX is just below the 28MHz WSPR Window on 28.125995MHz, Power Out 300mW. It uses 5 Unit modulation to produce QRSS, Hell and WSPR. Even the better commercial rigs can easily be almost 100Hz out on the dial reading, consequently I am decoded by some stations as I appear in their passband and missed by others who are out in the other direction.

The frequency is accurate as far as I can measure but I do not put it up as a calibration aid. If you see my signal I would be pleased if you could bring it into the passband and try a de-code of the WSPR or a Grab of the Visual modes all reports are welcome.

I have run this set up on 18MHz 24MHz and 50MHz in each case I shall try 5Hz below the WSPR Window edge.

Power output is variable and the WSPR hard coded so the reported 17dBm may not apply, sorry for this.