40m Comparison

Yesterday (12th October 2016) I ran WSPR-2 for around 10 hours using my external homebrew inverted V dipole cut for 40m with the apex up at around 25ft (I know - not perfect!). Locator is IO71, IC-7100 and 5 watts. Mostly during daylight hours and around 3 hours during dark. Received some nice reports including a couple of VK's, a HS and a number of mid US stations which popped up as the sun went down.

Today (13th October) I have the same config but using my G4TPH Magnetic Loop, mounted inside, ground floor, with the base 10 inches above the floor. WX conditions to the East appear comparable with yesterday with the high pressure system sitting over North Europe.

At the moment, receive looks good. As expected report distances are slightly down but still interesting how well the Mag Loop performs.

Will try and run WPSR-2 until around the same time this evening and will report back as to how things went.