Installed and put into operation WSPR beacon, location central Siberia. Working by 20m callsign UB0AGX power 0.16w QTH: NO66 .Working hours - 24h. Catch a beacon from a place where bears walk the streets and play the balalaika :)

Very long wanted to build a beacon, many have tried and now I was able to make a fully self-contained beacon. The basis is taken MCU Atmega 328 + DS3231 + SI5351 + PA-1 –íS170. Beacon worked for over a month and during that time had the following results:
CX2ABP - 16673km
DP0GVN - 16160km
RI1ANR - 15508km
and others...

Building installation and start-up: Evgeny Zaryanov (UB0AGX)
Software: Alexander Sholohov (RA9YER)
Other assistance: Igor Lavrinenkov (R2AJA)

The near future will create a multi-band beacon!

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