new all time record activity on 160m NA/EU path- Nov23-2016

It's really nice to see so much activity on 160m.
This night we reached a new record with 796 dx spots "across the pond" just 10 days after previous one (784 dxspots Nov13/2016).
39 stations in the round (27 EU/10 NA)
10 NA stations heard in EU: K3RWR- K9AN- K9ANF- K9PAW- KD6RF- W1IR- W8AC- KK1D
3 EU stations heard in NA: DF2JP- DL3GAK- EA1FBU
To note George K9PAW heard by 14 EU stations, George running 1w, yes 1w !! and spotted by DL3GAK snr -14 (06:12z)
Best Rx stations: F59706(8NA), DF2JP(7NA), DL1AS(7NA), DL3GAK(7NA), G0KUJ/1(7NA), GM4SFW(7NA), G8LCO(6NA), PA0O(6NA)
I hope persistance of conditions....
GL all, 73, Patrick