another big night on 160m ! NA/EU path- Dec08-2016

Number of Unique dx spot: 272 (new record). In the round 56 EU stns and 27 NA stns.
Best NA rx stns: KK1D(13EU), WI1R(13EU), K4RCG(9EU), W8AC(9EU), K3RWR(7EU), K9AN(6EU)
Best EU rx stns: EA1FAQ(12NA), F59706(12NA), GM4SFW(11NA), DL3GAK(10NA), MW0PPM(10NA), DK6UG(9NA)
Best NA/EU dx spot: 2016-12-08 05:36 KD6RF 1.838123 -29 0 EM22la 5 SV8CS KM07js 9799 45
To note my new season count of my RX Challenge of NA stations heard: 47(+5)
A very magical propagation..... to be continue....
Good dx all, 73, Patrick