Hightest level activity on 160, NA/EU path, Dec10-2016

Again, yes again,seems no limit for 160m activity "across the pond": Number of Unique dx spot: 286 (new all time record). The low noise level of the band is a key factor.
In the round 42 EU stns and 24 NA stns.
Best NA rx stns: KK1D(15EU), K4RCG(10EU), N2NOM/L(9EU), K1IR(9EU), WA9WTK(EU), W8AC(8EU)
Best EU rx stns: F59706(15NA), EA1FAQ(13NA), DK6UG(12NA), PA3FYM(12NA), G8DYK(11NA)
Best NA/EU dx spot: 2016-12-10 05:46 SV8CS 1.838122 -18 0 KM07js 5 KD6RF EM22 9763 311
To note the very early Remco'spot: 2016-12-09 21:46 NC3Z 1.838125 -23 0 FM15qd 5 PA3FYM JO22nf 6472 45
To note Bob(K4RCG)'comment : "I think last night was a personal record for me", congrats Bob !
To note my new season count of my NA RX Challenge: 51(+3). Listing here: http://wsprnet.org/drupal/user/16564
to be continue....
GL all, 73, Patrick