Station PE1DCD

Station of PE1DCD:
Name: Peter
QTH: Rotterdam
Grid: JO21fu
PC1: P3-700Mz, W98se, SB16, HM interface
PC2: P4-2600Mz , W2K, internal SoundMAX, HM interface
TRX: Yeasu FT897
PWR: 5W (sorry, less is not possible)
Feedline: abt 17 meter RG214u
Ant: 3 wire-coaxtrap-dipoles (80/40)(30/17/12)(20/15/10) HM
Ant: 6 meter dipole w. gamma match on rotor
The antenna is abt 3 meter above the roof of my 4-floor appartment.
The mainlob of the dipoles is North/south.
Good luck to all and '73