Big Dogs vs. rest of us

I've just been licensed since Aug 2015, although ham has sort of been on my radar since shortly after earning my Electrical Engineering degree and beginning a career in telecom a couple of decades ago.

After officially joining the ham ranks, I've been become aware of the schism between the Big Dogs (1kW-plus transmitters, "shouting louder makes everyone hear your better") and the little pups, those of us who appreciate finesse.

So, here I am in the WSPR world, especially since my best friend WY9U seems to like glow-in-the-dark amps and transmitting loudly enough to be heard in the Andromeda galaxy (long after he's dead, thanks to the speed of light). We have a friendly rivalry. I'm betting E.T. will land in his back yard, but I'll have more Earthling friends.