My 160 rx Challenge NA/EU path

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The night of Christmas was magic for my RX NA/EU Challenge on 160m. A new NA station heard, N2NT, allows me to reach the score of 61. That was my final score on 08/06/2016 of the 2015/2016 season. This means that the 2016-2017 season is already excellent for me and for many of you. Some ones asked me I edite a complete score list for the period Jul1st to Dec25: 173EU/73NA (file attached).
Best NA RX station: KK1D(48EU), W1IR(42EU), W8AC(41 EU), K4RCG(34), N2NOM(34EU), K3RWR(31EU)
Best EU RX station: F59706(61NA), G8DYK(55NA), GM4SFW(49NA), PA3FYM(39NA), EA1FAQ(38NA), LA2XPA(37NA)
GL all for the rest of the season, great fun to come...
73, Patrick