QRP Labs WSPR High Altitude Balloon STELLA4 cancelled for today, new Date !!

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Hy Guys,
the weather is bad and we becoming an storm too.
So i decide to cancel the start today.
The new Launch will be next saturday 31.12.16 at 10:00 UTC.
Sorry for any inconvience !
73 de DL6OW

Merry Chrismas everybody !
Tommorow 26.12.16 at 09.00 UTC the Ballon STELLA4 gets in the Air.
Trying to break WSPR highest altitude record.
It is an 800g Latex ballon flying with helium.
The probe transmitts on 30m WSPR, 40m WSPR, 30m JT-9 and 2m CW.
An frequency list is in the pictures.
The transmitter is an modified ULTIMATE U3s.
Livetracking and Infos from my last STELLA missions on Hans Summers pages:

Would be nice to get some Reports!
73 de DL6OW Dan