New activity record on 160m NA/EU path

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New record activity with 310 UNIQUE dx spots "across the pond" (previous 286 dxspots Dec10).
70 stations in the DX round (49EU/21NA)
20 NA stations heard in EU, 12 EU stations heard in NA.

Best EU Rx stations: GM4OAS(20NA), PA0LSB/RX1(14NA), PA3FYM(12NA), G8DYK(9NA), ON4LUC(9NA), SWLKQ40LS(9NA)
Best NA Rx Stations: K3LR(12EU), N2NT(9EU), W1IR(6EU), VE3CIQ(4EU), W8AC(4EU)
Score list is attached.

To note the record score of Gordon (GM4OAS). Asking him about his antenna set-up he answered:
""""The antenna is (still) very basic, a long wire which just happened by coincidence to be about 1/2 wave on top band. It is fed straight out of the shack window about 7m up, then slowly down to near ground level at the far
end. A rough and ready ferrite transformer drops the feed point impedance to a lower value, then a short length of coax to a manual ATU.There's no DC connection between the antenna and receiver. I'm in a rural area with low man made RF noise levels which definitely helps.""""

GL all, Happy New year and have fun on 160
73, Patrick