New record activity on 160- NA/EU path- Jan07-2017

New record activity with 435 UNIQUE dx spots "across the pond" (previous 310 dxspots Dec30).
71 stations in the DX round (59EU/22NA)
16 NA stations heard in EU, 25 EU stations heard in NA.

Best EU Rx stations: G3WCE(14NA), G8DYK(14NA), G8LCO(14NA), ON4LUC(14NA), G0IDE(13NA), G4BOO(13NA)
Best NA Rx Stations: W1IR(22EU), K3LR(18EU), KK1D(5EU), N2NC(5EU), N2NOM(5EU), WA9WTK(5EU)
Full Score list is attached.

GL all, 73,

+++ after a request i added the full score list of txing stations+++++

PDF icon ScoreList118.4 KB
PDF icon TxScoreList105.53 KB