Peter VK6PK

Hello from Peter VK6PK

I was first licenced in Feb 1967 as G3WCJ and still hold the call today (ex Gosport now Birmingham)

In 1979,VK6PK was obtained, and in 1981 lived and worked in Kalgoorlie.

I was very active on ARQ (VKPK) up to the passing of my father (G4UDS) when I retreated to more conventional modes of communication.

After a year or two in the Perth suburbs, I moved with my wife to Wooroloo, which is situated 65 Km east of the city of Perth and nestled in the Perth Hills.

A major fire here in 1998 destroyed my feeders and I went QRT for a couple of years. My wife Christine and I enjoy the acreage with tame kangaroos, selection of native birds and the usual cat and dogs. We also encourage people to leave pets here when on holiday.

Further interests include playing bass guitar and being in a couple of local bands and the fruits that bear from them! (Pop, Christian and country rock). Also I build and repair audio valve amps.

It all started on topband with a decent AM modulator and never looked back!

Well, if you feel you would like to make contact I am hoping to get back on air around 14.070 the old ARQ calling freq on PSK31, if not give us a line or two, beta @ any time.


de Peter VK6PK RNARS 0658