Muti-site 20M experiment across Western/South Australia - assistance with monitoring would be appreciated

Hi All,

I'm driving from Perth (Western Australia) to Adelaide (South Australia) and along the way I am setting up four WSPR transmitters with the following details:

Band: 20M
CallSign: VK6KOZ
Transmission Schedule: Every 6 minutes starting on the hour
First transmission: UTC 10 on 18/1/2017
Duration: Around one week determined by battery life and my schedule
Antenna: 1/4 wave vertical with elevated radials
Power output: 200mW (calibrated) But for telemetry and identification purposes they report 20,23,27 and 30dbm

I am placing the transmitters at the following locations:

Yellowdine (200km West of Kalgoorlie) - Already installed amongst a pile of angry ants and sticky flies on a 45 degree Celsius day!
Balladonia - Installing today - Hope it's cooler (Update - done, see photo)
Eucla (Update - done, getting more efficient)

All in all, about a 6,000km drive.

The radio's are timed to start at UTC10 on Wednesday 18/1/2017, just after I install the last one. They will form a roughly evenly spaced East West line
across the bottom of WA/SA.

I'm interested in looking at the pattern of HF circuits that are workable with a view to creating reliable HF wireless sensor networks
using multiple receivers/locations to accommodate the changing propagation.
The sites are also chosen because they are near a series of Government sponsored GPS stations that make their raw dual frequency GPS data available.
I want to see if the GPS radio data can be used to predict the availability of an HF path at a particular time.
The East/West arrangement might also provide interesting observations as the grayline passes across the sites.

I have two receivers operating in Perth (not uploading spots unfortunately) but would really appreciate it if anyone could monitor the band and upload their spots.
I'd be particularly grateful for some data from stations in the East. Adelaide, Vic/NSW/Tas.
Once I'm back in Perth I will look at making my data available to anyone who is interested.

Gotto go. A long drive today!


Terry Koziniec