Ive joined WSPRnet to analyzer my new antennas. I have been licensed nearly 40 yrs. After 8 years away from the hobby I returned in 2013. Finally, 17 years after I poured the concrete for my big tower I purchased
the last Rohn 55G tower sections I needed to complete a 135ft/41m tower. I plan to install them this spring (2017) This will be the fourth tower. The existing towers are: 35ft/10M, 70ft/21M, 95ft/29M. Unfortunately each of those existing towers needs new rotors and all feedlines and control lines replaced. I started ham radio in 1977 without computers. I was fascinated by propagation & antennas, DXing & contests. Back then everything was cut & try, and discovered by experience or you relied on published designs. Now we can predict propagation and design antennas. I look forward to using the WSRPnet tools & the WSPRnet-Lite Antenna Analyzer Tools to validate my antenna designs and the heights I've selected. Here is a summary of the antennas on-hand: >
160M 4-Phased 1/4-wave wire verticals (4-Square)
Dipole N/S @ 100ft
80M 4-Phased 1/4-wave wire verticals (4-Square)
Dipole N/S @ 100ft
40M 3 element full-size yagi @ 135ft
2L Cushcraft yagi @ 80ft
20M 3-Stacked 5 element yagis @ 125ft/84ft/42ft
2-Stacked 4 element yagis @ 70ft/35ft South
15M 2-Stacked 6 element OWA yagis @ 95ft/50ft
2-Stacked 4 element yagi @ 60ft/30ft South
10M 7 element yagi @ 105ft
6 element KLM yagi @ 35ft
30M-2L, 17M-4L, 12M-4L, 6M-6L and 2M-15L also.