Portable WSPR Test Kit with WSJT-X on Ububtu Linux

This is episode 5 in the Ultra Portable Digital Comms series and naturallu, it relates to WSPR. In this video we are setting up WSJT-X to run a bidirectional, man-portable WSPR beacon test kit. I've used WSJT-X, a Yaesu FT-817ND, and the ZLP MiniProSC, setting it all up on Ubuntu Linux.


The background of this video started last year in October 2016 with a blog post http://www.survivaltechnology.net/wspr-mobile-test-environment/ The idea was to utilise both transmission and receive for WSPR testing, comparisons and validation of various antenna types and configurations. Here we are several months later, making a tutorial, setting up WSJT-X and the rest of the system.

With the popularity of WSPR and new products like the WSPRlite and the DXplorer website, WSPR-Pi, ... it's also nice to remind operators that WSPR is still possible using the gear they already have, while it's sitting idle. Your PSK, Olivia, Contestia, or FSQ system is perfectly capable of handling WSPR, JT65, JT9, or any of the other K1JT modes on WSPR-X.

I use WSPR beacons as a test tool for comparing various antennas and unique configurations. Although WSPR results are not directly comparable to other digital modes, WSPR is IMHO, an excellent (and best) tool for comparing antenna performance.