Antenna Tuner Loss


I just wanted to post this somewhere, not going to be anything long, but I have been using an end fed 40 meter half wave wire at 30 feet for a few months with an MFJ 969 tuner.
I run QRP and have had some luck on 40 and 20 meters with CW and JT65 contacts, but only one QSO (JT65) on 30 meters.
Well last night I decided to play around a little and bypassed the tuner.
I mean physical removal, not just turning the switch to bypass.
There seems to be interaction between antenna switch settings on that tuner, so I just eliminated it from the system for a test of SWR.
What I found was a 2.5:1 on 40, 1:1 on 30!!! and a 2.5:1 on 20.
Well now I know where my coax loss will take place and it's obviously not on 30 meters.
The feed line is 50 feet of RG8X into a 9:1 Unun, 66 foot radiator sloping up to 30 feet and a 33 foot counterpoise at 5 feet.

Well anyway my point of all this is now suddenly after removing the tuner, 30 meters has come to life and I'm able to make WSPR contacts.
I guess it's safe to assume that JT65 will work now on 30.
I often think of loss in components of the antenna system on VHF on up in frequency, but would not have thought that this would be an issue at 10 Mhz.
If anyone else is experiencing poor performance on a band, look at your in line components for possible loss.

Now I still have to consider that almost 3:1 SWR on 40 and 20, but does the 1 watt Softrock SDR really care?
At low power levels it might not matter.
Of course, the high SWR is still on the feed line whether I tune it out or not, so maybe getting the tuner loss out of the system will play better even with the higher VSWR.

We'll see.

Thanks for reading,
Sean (AI6BE)