Get ready for summer, 6 meter WSPR on the cheap

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere Summer is coming. Got a powerful PC on all day? Or an old XP machine wondering what you are going to do with it? May I suggest getting a RTL dongle (with TCXO) and setting up a 6 meter WSPR receiver. The dongle can be had for ~$25 and can run on that PC you have on already. Any antenna will work. Obviously a long yagi pointed to W6 would be ideal,but most anything will work when the band is open. Can be set up fairly easy just IM or email me if you need help setting it up. Northern EU and Asian stations Summer will be here before you know it.


I have no affiliation with the RTL dongles, just used them and know they work. And it can be lonely on 6 Meter WSPR....