WSPR - Day 1

The WSPRlite arrived from SOTAbeams today. Why I have never explored WSPR before I do not know, so I thought it was about time. I ordered a unit at the weekend and here I am!

I am not a traditional radio amateur in the sense that a) I do not work in the electrical, electronics or even the scientific professions, and b) I do not currently construct my own radios. The communication element of the hobby has always fascinated me, as a boy the thought of speaking to people without relying on company cables caught my attention. How strange we rely on company cables now for our "state of the art" technology? Of course, that is not entirely true, it also relies on good old fashioned radio! ;)

Although I do not currently have the time to construct my own transmitting equipment, I do enjoy making my own antennas. It clicked how WSPR might be a good way to test and explore my antenna experiments.

So far:

"Programmed" the unit on the PC, matched the wire on the manual tuner. Waited for the split second to start the WSPR cycle and...

Three reports from the US of A. Great! On 200mW through a rather badly sited and positioned EFLW.

Very much looking forward to playing with this unit more.

73 de Richard