After hearing a discussion on our local repeater regarding the WSPRLite device, and with how much I like WSPR, I immediately ordered my WSPRLite box from SOTABeams. Ordered with the USB Cable, a SMA to BNC adapter. The order arrived next business day. Yippee.. Set up with a spare Razzy Pi 5 volt USB power supply and my G4TPH mag loop tuned for 20m I was up an running in no more than 15 minutes.

What a revelation... No need to run my 817, Surface Pro, ISOTerm isolation unit and a load of 12v Gel Batteries.

I cannot recommend the unit highly enough!!!

At the moment the Magnetic loop is hanging up against a cupboard door in an upstairs bedroom with the 'Lite running at 200mW. I am getting reports from 2300km away. Will move it to a more "suitable" location on the ground floor soon and will also try and compare with my external Inverted V.

Just remember - WSPR Lite is a transmitter only. If you want to run receive you will still need another piece of kit.

Thanks to Richard (XDT) for mentioning the WSPRLite unit.

If you want to get into WSPR and do it at a price... This is the way.