Hello, new to WSPR

Have been wanting to try WSPR for a while and finally got some time to set up a Raspberry Pi board with a TAPR WSPR-Pi hat set up. Running my first test today, I am getting many far away reports on my signal which is very exciting.

The Raspberry Pi has locked up a couple of times requiring a power off to clear and may be faulty, as one of my boards was acting up and I may have accidently used it in this test (Pi 2 with some dodgy output though HDMI for some reason). I intend to move the effort to an older Pi B+ and need to improve my antenna. Currently I have a crude dipole cut roughly for 20 meters connected directly to the TAPR Pi Hat with no feedline, but the dipole is lying around an upstairs room floor as I couldn't stretch the wires out and hang everything without pulling the wires out of the connector.

On the todo list:
- 3d print a plastic base for the Raspberry Pi that I can secure the dipole wires and have a mounting point for the Pi board. I could possibly put this up higher in the attic with antenna wires extended properly.
- move to an older Pi B+, see if it cures the lockup issue.
- configure an RTL-SDR to receive WSPR.