RPi 3 based Automated System

Hi. I'm building a RPi3 based 160-2m automated WSPR TX/RX station. Some parts of this may be of interest to others. If that is the case I will post updates as the work progresses.

The project aims are as follows:

  • Build latest WSPR for RPi 3 (done and tested although I need to document when I build a second unit to make sure it's repeatable).
  • Modify the WSPR python front end to accept UDP commands for automation (done and tested for current requirements).
  • Create a Python 3 script that runs an instruction file to control WSPR and also radio via CAT control, antenna switching and limited tuning (ongoing but largely code complete, untested).

    The script is clearly quite specific to my own needs and equipment (currently an IC7100 although I plan to use other more-appropriate equipment later, home-brew antenna switching and tuning) and will provide automated RX/TX sessions across 160m - 2m. I plan to add some automated analysis by uploading the spot files, knowing the time-slots and parameters which the script will log.

    The current software is up at https://github.com/G3UKB/WSPRController. It borrows a couple of files from other projects there which I will move to a common project at some point.

    If there is any interest in this work I will post updates.. otherwise I won't clog up the site.