Raspberry Pi lockup issue solved

I had several more times where the Raspberry Pi seemed to lock up requiring a power cycle. I moved the micro-sd card to an older Model B+ single core board to make sure the Pi2 wasn't the issue. First thing I noticed is that the WsprPi program started normally and appeared by the screen output to be running, but didn't actually transmit as far as I could tell. I re-compiled the software and it again began transmitting.

I had more issues with the single core B+ locking up as the Pi2 had before and it seemed to happen whenever the screen blank happened on the Pi (not running a desktop, command line only hooked to a monitor.)

The following command will stop the screen blank from happening:
setterm -blank 0

This seems to have cured the lock up issue I was having. The Pi ran WSPR for an extended time after this and did not hang again.

After that, I moved the Pi and antenna out to my attic where I was able to extend the antenna more properly. Working out there through SSH from my desktop, the Pi has not locked up and the terminal session does not blank after a certain time so all is well.

I seem to have picked up many new receive reports today, so maybe the new location is better, or maybe conditions were better?

This is really fun. I need to figure out how to build a board for 40 meters similar to the WsprPi hat next.