Red Pitaya WSPR transceiver (QRP Labs 5W PA,...)

Finished my RedPit WSPR transceiver (add-on board) for almost 95% and now is operating on 40m with 2W.
Currently it can also be switched by SW to 10m 1W.

The board is 160mm x 100mm and contains:

- RX impedance adaption following Jon Ove´s recommendation with 2 RF transformers from Mini circuits
- PTT relais switch; I´m using a single antenna (Hustler vertical trap antenna 4-BTV) for TX and RX)
- BS170 pre-amplifier with 200mW output
- QRP Labs 5W PA (with ATTINY 84 option, 7805 instead of 78L05 for driving all 5V parts)
- QRP Labs LPF switch controlled by the GPIO of the RedPit (BCD coded, encoded and driven by a 74S154)
- QRP Labs filter (currently 10m, 20m and 40m)
- 40m and 20m adjusted to 2W, 10m has 1W

Picture on my QRZ.COM and a chaotic :-) video here:

What next:
- adding filters for 80m and 15m
- modification of the SW cron table for automatic switching through all bands when TXing...
- adding a nicely aluminium housing (the Redp Pit will stay outside for use as other devices like oszi, specki, SDR receiver,...)

73 de Hartmut / DK5LH