More power Egor!

Well I have tried 13.8V & two BS170s fort he PA section and I got to almost the south coast of UK from my QTH (JO02op)

Made a 'scop-match as I knew that the antenna was poorly matched - and found it was - very.

Fixed that & changed the impeadance matching transformer - now working at about 58R and almost no reactance (Wx dependant)

So reading Hans' modifications page decided to put together HB9ASB - surprised I had most of it in the 'junk' box.

With out the LPF the waveform was ghastly!

With (good old Russian silver mica capacitors) looks lovely.

Output is round about 50W into the antenna loading system which according to VK1SV's web calculator is 100mW ERP

Can you hear me mother?

Getting good reports as far as East German border so it seems it works, will try to get a better ground system when I move the vertical to a better place int he garden.

73 all