OQ8SNW Belgian Special Event online 17 march 12:00UTC

The station OQ8SNW is a special event station to celebrate the 800th birthday of Sint-Niklaas a town in Belgium. For more info and history check Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sint-Niklaas)

The beacon is installed at the technical secondary school VTS (http://bsotso.vtssn.be/bsotso/ )
It is solar powered with battery backup. It will transmit in 40m 30m 20m band.
The design is done by radio club SNW (http://www.snw.uba.be/ ) build tested and maintained by students. The antenna is a vertical multiband SE HF360. It is mounted on a tower build by students.
On April 20th the beacon will be onboard a experimental weather balloon from the Asgard Project (http://www.esero.be/_WP/wp-content/uploads/20160909-ASGARD-article-Engli...