Exercise Blue Ham 60m


So Exercise Blue Ham is and RAF Air Cadet / Amateur Radio exercise on 5 MHz, setup really as a contest and designed to foster an interest in radio communications for the cadets.

This weekend, cadet stations will be operating through the shared 5 MHz spectrum and within the amateur segments.

All cadet stations will be using MRE*** callsigns and will be looking to make as many contacts as possible. Full details are here: www.alphacharlie.org.uk

We will be operating on the Saturday 25th and invite as many contacts as possible from as far as possible!

As such, during this time we have our WSPRlite running on the lower of the two WSPR frequencies using our permanent SES callsign GB0AC. If you are the furthest receiving station of our signal on WSPR during the 24 hour period from midnight tonight, and make contact with our cadets callsign MRE42A during the exercise, then the lucky winner will receive a Squadron T-Shirt, signed by the radio operators. To be clear, you have to be the furthest receiving signal on WSPR and speak to us to win and there is only one prize.

Please get behind our cadets, they are nervous on the air, but have been really enjoying what we have done so far!

Our SES will be up and running too (hopefully!)

James (M0RUT)