80 meters on an electrically short dipole?

Been having fun playing with the software for a few days now. Even got to New Zealand on just 2w output, which I think is as much proof of the pudding as one could ask for with these end connected OCFD type antennas from M0RZF:


Having a small garden it is naturally cut for 40-10m, but everyone at the local club is going on at me to get on 80m. The KX3 will certainly tune the antenna up to about 1.3:1, but it obviously does not radiate well. So, I have added a 21m counterpoise on the transceiver side of a very large current balun to see what difference it makes. Well the tune has improved to 1.2:1, and I seem to be getting out around Europe OK on 5 watts. I'll have to leave it on overnight to see what happens: watch this space.

73 de OE6FEG / M0FEU

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