Update: 60M / 5 MHz. Operations planned (USB + WSPR-TX) from the Dutch Caribbean Islands of Saba + St. Eustatius !!!

60M / 5 MHz. Operations planned (USB + WSPR-TX!) from the Dutch Caribbean Islands of Saba + St. Eustatius !!!

(Sorry 60M / 5 MHz. operations from Sint Maarten (PJ7) are still NOT allowed :'( !)

I will try to operate SPLIT for North America and other countries who are not allowed to use the new IARU 60M bandplan (see below!) QSO's will be made according the rules below using a Dualband EndFed wire antenna for 60M + 15M (*) in USB-only (+ WSPR-TX when bands are not in use for phone!)

The following 60m news comes from the Branch Manager / Senior
Inspector Dutch Caribbean, Agentschap Telecom in Bonaire:
"Recently Agentschap Telecom (AT) has updated the frequency plan for
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba with the addition of the 60 meter band (5 351.5 - 5 366.5 kHz) for amateur radio, this with a secondary status. This means that the band may be operated by A, B or C Amateurs (full licence). The band has footnote 5.133B which limits the power in the Caribbean region of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to 25 Watt (e.i.r.p.)."

For more info see:

(*) Thanks to Hans Dijkerman PE1RNU from supplying this (partly sponsored) antenna within a very short time :-) (y) http://www.communicationworld.nl/antennes-hf-vhf-uhf/end-fed-antenna?page=2