RX on 30mb

Edit: 05/24 -- Setup is quite deaf :-( Saving on power consumption and stopping this experiment. Will be on 40mb and 6mb when I have time.

I have a ferrite antenna connected to an AOR-8600MK-II that is RX-only on the 30mb. Last night spots show that the AOR is a bit off frequency though :-( If I can't fix the frequency issue, I'll dig out the PCR-1000 for RX duties.

The antenna is similar to this http://mizuho-lab.com/handy/handy.html which I originally used for an IC-R20 for RX WX Fax when hiking. It will nicely cover 80mb to 20mb.

RX-only radio is connected to laptop via a USB sound device. TX-RX radio (FT-817) is connected to same laptop via an SCU-17. WSPR and laptop time is managed by a simple GPS.