Canadian C3 expedition CG3EXP WSPR station

Hi all

As others mentioned - the Canadian C3 expedition celebrating 150 years of Canada with 150 day voyage through the famous North passage, started from Toronto yesterday evening. Onboard is a WSPR transmitter donated by QRP Labs consisting of:

1) Ultimate3S transmitter
2) Low pass filter kits for 20, 30 and 40m
3) Relay-switched filter kit
4) QLG1 GPS receiver kit
5) Aluminium enclosure kit:

Barrie VE3BSB leads the team who constructed, tested and installed this transmitter. He proposed the entire project, and has done a lot of work to get the proposal accepted by the event organisers. Jeff VE3EFF provided a computer to host the tracking software. QRP Labs has a live tracking page here with some photographs of the installation.

So far the TX is doing a great job, getting over 3,000 WSPR reports per day on average!

73 Hans G0UPL