CG3EXP POLAR PRINCE AIS Tracking Information

In the maritime world, AIS is used to track vessels. This is the first time that WSPR is being used to track a vessel as it transits Canada from east to west via the Northwest Passage in 150 days to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday. We managed to create a "confederation" without a civil war or overthrowing the Crown (we are so polite, eh). The Queen of England is also the Queen of Canada. AIS is very similar to APRS and has VHF and satellite components. You can track the Polar Prince using marine AIS as well as WSPR. Polar Prince AIS tracking information:

The CG3EXP WSPR HF antenna is on the port side of the ship by the bridge and slopes up to the mid mast at 62 degrees (about 14 metres of insulated wire). The antenna is end fed and is a 1/2 wave on 30 metres but is working very well also on 20 and 40 metres.

It will be interesting to see and compare AIS to WSPR performance.

Robert, VA3ROM