My WSPR rig - Ultimate 3S kit


I am building Ultimate 3S kit and testing it along the way. Some pictures of the build

1. Main board, starting point
2. Bifilar toroid
3. Basic set assembled with 10 m LPF
4. First light, diagnostic screen
5. CW test on 10 m
6. More toroids for 20 m, 40 m and 80 m LPFs
7. All LPFs lined up 10 m, 20 m, 40 m and 80 m (L-R)
8. All LPFs lined up 10 m, 20 m, 40 m and 80 m (B-T)
9. Kit complete with relay-switched LPF board
10. CW test on 20 m


The kit has been operational since beginning of July. I had some common issues, like:

1) Bad power supplies. Solved by using 12 V 4,5 Ah battery, no more power supply noise.

Battery and regulators

2) Bad soldering of toroid wires. It takes a very long time to burn off the enamel using solder.

Today I received my antenna materials and build a neat and measured antenna. It is an inverted vee dipole on my balcony. With this antenna, the first spots are coming at 1729 km on 10 m band with about 250 mW.

Improved antenna

Next I will get an antenna analyzer and antenna tuner as well.

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