Bitx 40

Well I have been working on a Bitx40 TRX for around 2 months now on and off. Well mostly off to be honest.
When I got it,it would not transmit. Two faults I found. One was my doing as I didn't understand that the PA had a separate power supply rail but the second one was a poor solder joint on the bias pot. So soon had it working but only 2 watts and not as stated 7 watts.
Why is this? Well I found that the drive need to get 7 watts was a bit low but with my microphone the output from it was to low. So I have made a new microphone driver and its working well on it's own but not yet tried it in the radio. I think it will now need some sore of AF band pass filter after it but that will come latter. Im currently seeing if I can modify my pre amp by adding a gain control section so the main TX will not be over driven plus as it SSB more importantly the audio gain so kept the same over a wide range of levels.
Well that's where I am with that.
But the main problem I have is. NO ANTENNA. I don't have one yet. Well I do but I need to sort out how Im going to make two poles to hold it up. For this Im going to use 6 bamboo pols 7 meters long. Three at each end and off set a bit so one will be higher then the other two. This will be the antenna mounting section.So all three will be boned together to form a nice little strong pole.
Just need to get some. The antenna it's self is a home made dipole. No problem with that just I have limited space so I made it out of coax cable so I can use the dielectric effect to shorten it so it will fit into the space I have at my place. It works very well when I used it at the last house I was in. Got all over the place with it plus it was slopping so it became an inverted dipole. So im going to use it again at the new house.
That's when I get the time to do it that is.

73 & 88.