CG3EXP eQSL/direct QSL & Awards Program Active

Hello to all,

I'm the new electronic QSL manager for the CG3EXP WSPR expedition, and am happy to announce that the CG3EXP eQSL account is active and ready to accept your reports. CG3EXP has "AG" certification so it will also qualify for any additional eQSL awards for those requiring "AG" status eQSLs.

Also accepted are reports via direct email sent to: cg3exp @ (remove extra spaces around @ symbol). A customized QSL email will be sent back as PDF document showing both a front card and back card where information about the project is explained (it's more detailed than the eQSL). You can send your reports using both methods at the same time for a single band or for all three bands (20, 30 and 40 metres). This is in addition to the new CG3EXP Awards program but separate from it (different manager for that).

From the CG3EXP WSPR group leader Barrie, VE3BSB


The CG3EXP Team would appreciate your participation in the new Awards Program. We would like to have all data that will contribute to the signal analysis of this expedition through the North West Passage.

Canada C3 Expedition Award: An Epic Journey to Celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday!

The purpose of the award is to track the voyage of the research vessel Polar Prince or "Canada C3" as she travels from Toronto to Victoria via the Northwest Passage, and to study radio propagation in the Arctic regions of Canada. The Polar Prince has an Ultimate 3 transmitter on board which transmits her progress using the WSPR mode. The special event call sign CG3EXP is being used on the 40, 30 and 20 meter bands. A total of 150 points is required for the award.

For more information and rules please see:

End quote.

FYI: The Polar Prince is the retired Canadian Coast Guard ship Sir Humphrey Gilbert (light class ice breaker)

Robert, VA3ROM
Canadian Coast Guard Radio Officer (retired)