The Eclipse.

Unfortunately due to family matters, I was not at my station as the eclipse traveled across the US but I have now returned to find a very interesting summary log during the period from 2044 hours UTC and 2358 hours UTC 21/08/2017.

Using my WSPRLite, Homebrew 1/4 Wave 20m vertical with 4 x 1/4 wave radials spaced at 90 degrees with a 45 degree slant as a ground plane with feedpoint at around 4.5metres , 200mw.

There is a block of spots/reports from the North US with distances ranging from 4900km to 8400km. Little or no Euro.

Looking at my history for this time period for days either side of the "special" day, there appears to be an interesting comparison. Reports revert to their usual mix of local(ish) European with a sprinkling of US.

I intend to now analyse the data carefully and see if there was something happening to the conditions during the event.

Be interested if any one else had any what appear to be, "enhanced", results during the same time.

Or was this more to do with more US Stations came online for the eclipse?