New user with no RX hits of my TX on wsprnet

OK, I am using WSPR via my TS590S with HRD as the interface (I couldn't get WSJT-X to work directly via my SignalinkUSB; the TS590S has a built in SL-type soundcard). I have WSJT working FB on JT9/65 and FT8, but am getting no hits on the www site using wspr. I have the rig set @ 5W (minimum setting) and have tried the vertical DB slider @ max and @ 37db/5w. Also turned of VOX and processor and I am using suggested menu settings others used for my rig.I like the convenience of having HRD open while using WSJT, but am willing to forgo and switch to the signalink to get wspr working. I have lots of ideas for antenna experiments I would like to play with.
I will keep trying, but I want to make sure I am not doing something dumb and QRMing the freq. It could well be that I just need to let it run longer and see if the condx affect it, but want to make sure that I will "do no harm".